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Letter: Misleading voters on education

Representative Patrick Garofalo (Republican Chairman of the House Finance Committee) and other Republicans are against school districts seeking operating levies. They point out that school districts have money. Representative Mark Murdock (Republican) brags about "the increase" in funding for education. What he doesn't talk about is the 40 percent shift in payments to schools. What Representative Murdock doesn't indicate is that with the shift in money being sent to school districts, along with inflation for the past eight years and the need to borrow for cash flow ... essentially makes the additional money a wash. Teachers' salaries aren't going up. Minnesota was ranked number nine in salaries (1990) and now is near 22nd in the U.S. School districts are cutting their budgets each year - perhaps Representative Mark Murdock hasn't heard of these budget cuts? Young parents are very savvy when it comes to choosing schools. If a school district has high class sizes and few programs for their children, the parents simply open enroll their children to another school district and then start doing their business in that school district. Former Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty wanted local levies to be a local decision. The party of Mark Murdock and Gretchen Hoffman are intruding into local affairs. Public schools are economic development. Public schools bring new families to communities to provide a good mix of age groups that help communities grow. If you can say one thing about Perham, it's a very progressive community when it comes to business. When it comes to education, you have Mark Murdock and Gretchen Hoffman on the attack. When did being an educator become a felony?

Jerry Horgen