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Letter to the Editor: Uncle Sam begging for freedom

Please Release Me.

If "Sam" could talk, I believe that's what he would say, because that is his heart's desire.

Envision with me please, our good old "Uncle Sam", as the finest piece of horse flesh to have ever graced our Rose Bowl Parade.

Today I see Sam as the United States of America, standing in some barn and harnessed by people who should never have been allowed into the barn. Te harness that Sam first wore permitted Sam to pull loads few people dreamed of pulling.

My heart is breaking because Sam today has had 500 pounds added to his harness. I've lost track counting all the straps and buckles tightened to the last notch.

His head is low, his mane and tail are tangled with burrs.

John Wayne would have said: "Old Sam looks as if he's been ridden hard and put away wet."

Sam's strength and countenance have become, now, but a memory.

Please, isn't it time we release good old Sam from the stringent, heavy harness, open wide that barn door, slap Sam on his rump and watch him trot out to the pasture to freely roll on his back from side to side rubbing his neck on the ground?

Then Sam finishes it all off by getting to his feet, shaking himself off and then goes to get a rink of cool, clear water from the big tank there by the windmill. It will warm your heart as Sam heads for that fresh forkful of hay you've thrown over by the fence for him.

Come morning, we'll see Sam up by the barn door, having been groomed by people who care, waiting for his tailor made harness.

With tears rolling down our cheeks, we watch as again old Sam, willing and able, pulls our American plow that brings industry and commerce, along with a host of all worthwhile businesses, together. America will then again hear the cash registers ring "from sea to shining sea."