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Letter to the editor: Republicans aren't hiding

Reading Mr. Broding's letter of last week really amazed me! He evidently hasn't been looking for the Republicans. They are there, but probably can't be seen because they're busy working for him and their families.

The house of Republicans has done their work. They presented a budget, which by

the way wasn't even read by the "Progressives" or "Liberals" or "Democrats" or

whatever they call themselves lately. (I guess it's just whichever title they give

themselves, lately. I guess it happens to be the title that sounds best at the time.)

The Republicans have also done their work on presenting and passing bills, and have sent them to the Senate. However, Sen. Reid won't even bring them to his

committee. They are laying them on the table with no vote or discussion. Who isn't

getting their work done?

Someone else is lost from Washington. He is so busy campaigning, which he has

done for the last three years. The Senate waits for him to make up his mind about what

has to be done.

Mr. Broding blames the Republicans for not compromising. Doesn't compromise work both ways? The last I heard it takes two sides. What I have seen, the Speaker of the House bent over backwards to compromise with the Senate and the President, gave up a lot and the Democrats did very little. Evidently, compromising is "my way or

the highway."

As far as Governor Dayton keeping the Government from being "shut down," I

recall it being "shut down" for four weeks. There were people laid off to collect

unemployment. One person who was laid off told me he'd rather work and earn his

pay than collect for something he didn't do. We need more people with that


Next November we will have an important election. Think hard before you vote.

What do you really want? Do you want a good talker or do you want a thinker? Do you

want a good campaigner or a good leader? Do you want mandates or people with creativeness? Do you want government to create jobs or do you want entrepreneurs to create jobs? Do you want big government to control your life, or would you like to do it yourself? Do you want government to dictate where your

money goes? Do you want riots of lazy non-workers who have time to sit around

and act un-American or people who work and who pay our taxes? These are questions for you to answer.

Yes, the Republicans are still here working for you! They have good answers for

you, if you listen carefully. The Democrats are just holding them hostage. Free

them to do the work. You'll be very surprised how much our country will prosper.