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Letter to the Editor: Team's visit is appreciated

I've always thought that if a person or a group of people do something really extraordinary for another person or a group of people, it should be shared with others.

I don't always practice what I preach, but what I am about to tell you affected me and someone very dear to me very much.

It has to do with the Perham Yellowjackets basketball team. And it's really not about what they do on the court. Yes, we all know what a great bunch of athletes these players are. And congratulations go out to you on a fantastic season.

But it's what you did behind the scenes and away from all the bright lights and fans that really impressed me.

I have heard in the past that when our teams are getting ready to head out of town to the Twin Cities for a state tournament, they stop off at the parochial schools, the elementary school, and the nursing home. And I have always thought that was a very nice thing to do, but that was about all I dwelled on it.

However, when someone you love very deeply and care about is in the nursing home, and you see how much a visit like this means to them, it is time to put something in the paper to say 'thank you.'

On March 9, my mother had a health setback that landed her in the hospital, and then into Transitions, which is part of the nursing home for rehab. She has a very positive outlook on her physical therapy. She always tries to do whatever they tell her to do and she doesn't know the meaning of the word 'quit' or says "I can't do it." All systems are forward and she is making progress every day. She always has a smile on her face and is always ready for another day to strive to get back home again. But I am sure she has down times, too.

On March 20, when I stopped in to see Mom, she was on cloud nine.

Her face was just glowing. First thing she said was she had a very exciting day. The boys' basketball team had stopped off at Transitions before they left for the cities. She told me she shook every one of their hands and they talked with her, stayed for about a half an hour and some of them even sang a song.

All I can say is, thanks guys. You made her day. The glow on her face was something to behold. You made her journey to get back to where she was before March 9 a real possibility. And somehow I think you probably did that for a number of other residents too.

So once more I just want to say 'thank you.' And to the person or persons who thought up the idea of doing a walk-through at the schools and at the nursing home, nice job. What a classy gesture. Especially for the senior citizens.

I'm sure the kids also get very excited to see these athletes and talk with them, and that's great. But they have more of their lives ahead of them than behind them. They will probably have many more highlights to come in their lives. But I really like that you do it for the older members in our community. What a great way to show the honor and respect and attention that these people have earned over their lifetimes.

Thanks again and I hope you keep doing this in the future.