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Letter to the Editor: Aliens in Perham?

Two UFOs were hovering over the darkness of Big Pine Lake shortly before 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, March 20.

This writer swears on a stack of fruitcakes to the veracity of this statement.  While some acquaintances have, in the past, attributed the fruitcake moniker to this writer, my spouse, who is impeccable in her trustworthiness, independently corroborated this UFO sighting.

This unidentified pair of hovering objects (technically they should be called UHOs) was spotted while the car was traveling home from Perham to the west side of Big Pine.

Having traveled this road out to Big Pine for 35 years, when something is so apparent, so visually out of place in the sky over the lake, there is immediate recognition.

Each of the two UFOs had two white lights, parallel to the lake, with a red blinking light nestled between the two lights. The two UFOs were relatively close to each other, perhaps 100 yards or so, and one UFO was positioned slightly higher than the other.

Yes, airplanes or jets are often seen at night high in the sky over the lake, perhaps journeying between the Twin Cities and Fargo or Grand Forks. These UFOs, however, were much lower in the sky and were, as stated earlier, hovering, and hovering in a seemingly imperious manner. Perhaps it was the first time they had seen what we call a lake and were wondering what on earth it was.

My wife, traveling home from work in her car a minute or so behind me, and on that very same road toward Big Pine, immediately asked me upon parking in the garage what those lights were above the lake. We concurred that they were indeed unidentified hovering objects. We walked out to the edge of the bluff overlooking the lake and no longer saw the UFOs. It was suggested that a car go back to the point in the road where they were first spotted. Upon going back, though, the UFOs had vanished.

While the remainder of the night was uneventful (neither of us was taken up into a spacecraft, at least that we are aware of), to us they remain UFOs.  Hence, the opinion of this writer is that UFOs do exist, unless and until someone can conclusively identify them.

Were there any other humans in the vicinity of Big Pine Lake observing anything unusual in the sky over the waters around 8:30 p.m. on March 20?

Are there any other intrepid fruitcakes out there?