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Letter to the Editor: Religious beliefs should not be violated

President Obama has escalated his attacks on religion and religious freedom to a frightening new level.

In his latest attack against Christianity, he declared that under ObamaCare, Christian ministries, churches, and the service organizations they run will be forced to provide health insurance which violates their most deeply held religious beliefs.

These "sin mandates" include providing free contraception. If the ministries refuse this imposition of the "sin mandate," they will face crippling fines that will shut many of them down.

Obama promised to "transform America." We now see that his vision is a secular nation where Christian influences and freedoms are crushed by government mandates.

This ObamaCare "sin mandate" is only the latest example of an alarming pattern of hostility toward religious freedom by Obama, using ObamaCare as his bludgeon striking at the body of Christianity,  with the support of his White House allies.

If the Obama regime actually cares about protecting its citizens' rights of conscience, it must get out of the business of deciding who is religious enough to deserve consideration and to protect all individuals, including the innocent, defenseless unborn.

Individuals, insurers and organizations with religious objections must not be forced by an anti-religious government or president to violate their conscience.