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Letter to the Editor: A 'fishy' situation on Big Pine Lake

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I went for a run Saturday morning, and part of my route included the township road that connects to the Grand View Heights public access on Big Pine Lake.  I was using the four-wheeler trail that runs in the south ditch.

In several locations, there were remnants of fast food orders that obviously had been tossed out the windows of passing vehicles.  Each was probably about a four-person order.  The full gamut of fast food was included. Pizza boxes, hamburger wrappers, various pop cans and bottles. And cigarette cartons and packs. Nice!

It was after about three of these mini-landfills that I saw a plastic minnow bag up ahead. As I got closer, I could see it contained a fish. I expected it to be some kind of a rough fish. 

But I suppose you shouldn't be calling a walleye a rough fish - a rotund female walleye that probably had a couple hundred thousand eggs that she was ready to spawn in a few weeks.  

I went home to get a tape measure to see how big she was, and she came in at nearly 26 inches. Measuring wasn't all that precise, because I didn't want to straighten her out. Probably about six and a half pounds, although you could probably add another pound or so for the rotting eggs contained in her rotting belly.

 The date was March 24, and Minnesota's walleye season closed February 26. Even though she was past her prime, she was absolutely caught more recently than the end of the season.

So whoever caught her violated two laws:

1) Slot limit on Big Pine Lake;

2) Out of season.

And then, after killing this ripe female, the "sportsman" chickened out on the way home and tossed her out the window.

I wonder if they bragged about their catch when they got home? Or with their buddies at the bar a few nights later? If so, did you happen to mention that you tossed her out the window, so the maggots could have at her?

Sure have a lot to be proud of!