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Letter to the Editor: Ingebrigtsen is 'out of step' on gun laws

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, is "out of step" with his own field of law enforcement.

What do John Deere, Best Buy, CVS Caremark Corp, SAB Miller and Hewlett Packard Co. have in common? They dropped their membership in the American Legislative Exchange (ALEC) policy group. Why? Because that group supports the "Stand Your Ground Law" legislation that has resulted in a 300 percent increase in the number of killings by private citizens in Florida (according to a March 17 CBS/Miami Herald report).

ALEC has worked with lawmakers to pass pro-gun ownership laws. These laws are similar to the "Castle Doctrine" championed by Sen. Gretchen Hoffman (The Ethics Violator).

It needs to be stated that Ingebrigtsen was a member of the law enforcement community and yet the majority of them opposed the loosening of laws to make it easier to settle disputes with guns. The Minnesota Law Enforcement Associations advised Gov. Dayton to veto the "Castle Doctrine" (it was vetoed), yet Ingebrigsten supported such legislation.

That's being "out of step" with your own field of law enforcement.