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Letter to the Editor: Government 'by the people'

The time is soon approaching for filing for positions in local government for those townships with elections that will be on the ballot with the General Election in November.

Please consider giving of your time and talent to come forward and file for a position of supervisor, treasurer or clerk - whatever the openings may be in your township.

Generally, clerks and treasurers receive a monthly salary. They also receive a stipend for each meeting they attend, as do the supervisors.

Townships are in great need of willing individuals to give of their time for the betterment of the communities in which they live.

Filing dates and open positions are currently posted in the newspaper for each township having November elections. The filing period runs from July 31 through August 14.

If you are a community-minded individual, you can make a difference by becoming a part of your local government board, voicing your opinions and being a part of the decision-making process regarding the use of township funds (your tax dollars), of which the largest portion is used for the improvement of roads and snow removal, etc.

Contact your local clerk to file for a position. If you wish to inquire about a particular position and the duties involved with it, feel free to contact me at 218-346-5235.