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Letter to the Editor: Some politicians 'have to go'

We have two senators representing Minnesota in Washington: Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken. In elections past, the people of Minnesota chose them and President Barack Obama to decide national economic and foreign policy. Our two senators, true to their and a similar presidential philosophy, have put America in an awkward position, both internationally and economically.

Simply put, one in 12 are drawing unemployment. That number jumps to one in five when you count those who have ran out of benefits, those who are working part-time instead of full-time, those who work for less than they used to and those who have given up looking.

Internationally, our former allies don't trust us, and our enemies laugh at our foolishness. There is a long list of foreign policy blunders too long to list.

Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, you are considered two of the very most liberal senators we have. You have supported the most liberal President we've had in decades, at every turn. His policies and your support for them are crippling our country.

Amy Klobuchar, you are up for election on November 6, as is the President. Neither of you should be rehired. Al Franken, your job evaluation doesn't come up for two more years, but maybe you won't do so well after Minnesota votes for a voter I.D. law.

The three of them are correct: capitalism has never given equal prosperity to all, but no economic philosophy will. We all know people who can't manage money no matter how much they're given and they will never prosper. We also know people with no ambition and neither will they. Giving them more is a lost cause.

Promoting hard work and genius is what built this country. That's the only way to maintain it.

Amy Klobuchar and Barack Obama, you have to go. Al Franken, next time.