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Letter to the Editor: Skogen 'gets things done'

When you go to cast your ballot on Election Day, I want you to remember one thing about Dan Skogen: he's the guy who gets things done.

Over the past two years, the Minnesota State Senate hasn't been a very productive place: Bill Ingebrigtsen and his colleagues in the senate have wasted two years arguing about gay marriage and voter ID, while failing to pass a budget on time. This leadership failure led to the closure of Minnesota state parks in the midst of summer, denying many Minnesotans a well-deserved opportunity to enjoy our beautiful lakes and wildlife.

Not only did Bill Ingebrigtsen fail to produce a budget on time for Minnesota, but he also failed to stand up to his party leaders against cuts to our local community college in Fergus Falls and funding delays that have hurt all of our local public schools. He also voted to raise the taxes of rural Minne-sotans by voting to eliminate the Homestead Tax Credit, which provided property tax relief on homes valued under $414,000. This tax hike helped cause the average Minnesotan's property taxes to increase by 4.6 percent. Dan Skogen is in favor of bringing the Homestead Tax Credit back because it helps area seniors, farmers, and families with some tax relief that can be spent in our own community.

While Bill Ingebrigtsen could have been fighting for our community in the senate, he was much more preoccupied with his first priority: getting the Minnesota Vikings a new stadium. In the senate, he was one of the lead negotiators in favor of a stadium. I guess Bill Ingebrigtsen has created jobs as senator; it's just too bad that those jobs had to be three hours away in Minneapolis. He could have focused his energy on repaying our schools and reducing property taxes for families here in our community, but that wasn't his priority.

When Dan Skogen was in the state senate, he didn't focus his time and energy on building stadiums in Minneapolis or raising local property taxes; he fought for us. He was a leader in helping small businesses and was named a "Guardian of Small Business" by the Minnesota small business association and "Legislator of the Year" by Minnesota dairy farmers.

He fought to make sure our local schools got their fair share of funding and the state government did not over-regulate our small businesses and farmers. He did his job and represented the interests and views of our community. Also, Dan Skogen got a bipartisan budget deal every year he served as senator, unlike his opponent.

We need a state senator who fights for us in the Minnesota Senate and actually gets things done; please join me in voting for Dan Skogen this Election Day.