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Letter to the Editor: Shed the label

There are two varying ways to vote - put all your trust in party or put all your trust in people. If you believe the latter, please look closely at the House 8B race.

Bob Cunniff is a hard working, middle-of-the-road pro-lifer who says of food stamps, "Assistance is a hand up, not a hand out"; believes that public education reforms will restore Minnesota schools to their former prominence; teaches his students that Earth Day celebrates our planet as a gift from God for which we must be good stewards; and subscribes to "across the aisle compromise" as the only avenue through St. Paul gridlock.

In contrast, his Tea Party opponent, Mary Franson, likens food stamp recipients to pathetic animals; wants to subject education to the roulette of privatization; claims Earth Day as a pagan celebration; and knows only one political avenue - "my way or the highway."

The choice is pretty straightforward - one candidate poses only problems while the other simply seeks solutions.