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"School of Champions" more than just athletics

Sports Editor,

Thank you for the recent article regarding the Perham High School fall athletic teams. Recognition of outstanding achievement is important and deserved by these athletes and coaches. However, I'd like to clarify the meaning of our slogan of "School of Champions". Perham Public School began using this slogan in 2001 and it's intent goes well beyond athletics.

When we first started using the slogan we had two goals:

1) To challenge all of our students to be champions in whatever path they choose. (Abraham Lincoln said it best, "Whatever you are, be a good one."

2) To recognize outstanding achievement.

We challenge our students to be their best and recognize them when they do outstanding volunteer work in the school and community. We salute our terrific arts programs such as speech, pep band, and the community musical. We appreciate the hard work of our honor students, the students who build houses, and the students that reach out to the handicapped. Further we see to it that those who have perfect attendance or those that exhibit great character are singled out. These are the qualities of a "champion".

In short, the way we run this program is to "catch kids doing the right thing". Ironically, some schools are afraid to recognize quality effort and achievement because their students become a target for low achievers. Our program has risen above that type of jealousy and small thinking. Our students support each other and challenge each's really quite impressive.

Fred Sailer, Activities Director

Perham Public Schools.