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Columnists: Painting myself into the picture

It wasn't a flattering picture of me.

I wore a shapeless outfit cut from old newspapers. My stick-thin legs stuck out the bottom of my skirt, and I balanced on lopsided high heels, feet turned out to the sides.

And on top of it all, my head looked too small for my body.

But coming across as overly flattering was never a big concern in my life. As long as I get my point across, that's what matters.

Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

The entire point of painting myself into the picture at the new exhibit at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center last Saturday was simply to show what being part of this community means to me.

I dressed myself in our newspaper's stories, because that's the heart of it all for me. I truly enjoy talking to people, hearing local stories first hand, and then sharing them with the readers of the EOT Focus.

I love popping into the school with a camera to capture moments in a classroom. And all the meetings I get to go sit in on - city council and school board - those can be beyond interesting.

Though it may not look like me, the stick figure sketch dressed in newspaper is me - the community reporter.

I look forward to stopping in to the cultural center on Dec. 21 to see the completed exhibit, called "Our Town."

It was a relief to me that artistic contributions don't have to look good, as long as it gets your point across.

I encourage everyone in the community to visit the center, to paint themselves into the picture, too.