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Column: New year, new name

You may have noticed that the flag at the top of the paper, which bears our name, is different this week.

We are now officially the Perham Focus newspaper.

This name change does not mean we are abandoning New York Mills. To the contrary, we will be investigating ways to serve that market better. The city council, school board, cultural center, major community events and some sports coverage will continue to be provided. We also encourage NY Mills readers and coaches to submit photos and information to us for publication and will publish those submissions on a space available basis.

What does the name change mean for Perham?

We will be expanding our coverage of Perham. Going further in depth with articles that feature Perham residents and, to put it simply, making Perham our primary focus.

We have a good thing going here: a thriving business community, a growing population, cutting edge technology in our school system, endless outdoor recreational opportunities and a local newspaper that is part of a network of 1.6 million online readers.

With your support, we can get your message out to the community, the region, the state and the world.

Now that is something to look forward to in the New Year.