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Letter to the Editor: FairTax could be a workable solution

How important is the FairTax?

My answer is another question: How important is the future of the United States?

Everyone decries the rampant partisanship on Capitol Hill, which gridlocks progress on a host of issues, existential issues. But have you ever tried to carry on a meaningful conversation with a counterpart across the aisle, politically speaking? 

Congress reflects perfectly what is happening on Main Street. Those of us who understand the FairTax know that it is truly non-partisan. Unless and until we can work together, left and right, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat, there is no hope for a national future.

The FairTax could be the cooperative learning experience which demonstrates how a divided people might come together to solve the most pressing political issues of the day.

The second test is closely related to the first. Congress ‘enjoys’ an approval rating among voters approaching single digits, depending on the poll. Most Americans see corruption as the main reason for their discontent. We have come to a point where we no longer respect the institutions, and, in many cases, the system of law that has made us great in the past. 

The FairTax removes the quid pro quo where Congress trades tax favors for campaign funding, personal inside trading tips, and swollen personal bank accounts. One need look no further than the fact Congress has refused to release HR25 from the Ways and Means Committee for a floor vote for 13 years. Professional politicians see the FairTax as killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

We have trudged down the wrong road with the Income Tax for a hundred years.  Recent scandals involving the IRS bring the whole system into startling focus. 

How important is the FairTax? How important is your grandkids’ future?

David Boone, Houston, MN

District 1 Director, MN 4 FairTax, Inc.