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Column: How good are you at Balderdash?

It’s time for you to see how good you are at Balderdash. In this game, players make up word definitions, what a movie is about, why someone was famous, etc. Here we go. Keep track. You’re going to be graded on your guesses.

First: What was Susan Sternfield known for?

She was one of the first Ziegfeld Follies dancers. She crafted the first women’s high heeled shoe in Germany in 1882. She invented the first bicycle seat to conform to a woman’s shape. She was a New York woman who had a collection of over 700 Pez candy dispensers. She was the first woman to walk an airplane’s wing in a barnstormers show in 1927. She won the watermelon seed spitting contest at the Texas State Fair.

Next: In Illinois, it is illegal in a movie theater to...

Take off your or your date’s glasses. Take off your shoes and socks. Take off your eyeglasses before the end of the show. Take off your shoes if you have smelly feet. Bring your own popcorn to the movie.

Then: The movie called “Mr. Peekaboo” was about...?

It was one of the last silent movies, about a burglar seen stealing jars of jelly from an attractive woman’s outdoor booth. It is a movie about casino officials that look at gamblers through one-way glass. In this movie, a bashful young man peeks at and falls in love with one of several young girls at a slumber party. Mr. Peekaboo realizes he can walk through walls and helps a young girl who is being blackmailed. Mr. Peekaboo is a transvestite clown who protects bull-riders at the rodeo. He was a 42-year-old man who worked in a magic shop during the day and flashed people in Central Park at night.

And then: What does the word “piscatology” mean?

The field of study concerning religious practices. The study of large cats. The study or science of fish. The science and study of fish. The study of the religious buildings. The science of fishing. The study of the leaning tower of Pisa.    

Next: What does the word “ichiboo” mean?

It is an Indonesian dance performed only by unmarried girls during the full moon. It is a woman’s hat made of ostrich feathers. It is Ichabod Crane’s middle name. It is a Japanese silver coin. It is a nonflying bird considered sacred in Australia. It describes the feeling of the need to scratch your scalp. It is a voodoo being who creates mischief.

Then: The movie called “Stop, Look, and Listen” is about...?

Kids go about their neighborhood looking in other people’s windows. Four nuns from a convent secretly sing in a local thug’s nightclub to raise money. It is a biographical film about the life of Milton Berle. It is a movie about the best of The Three Stooges along with a ventriloquist and a bunch of monkeys. It is a Jerry Lewis comedy in which he plays a hapless New Jersey policeman. It is a movie based on the life of Sheky Greene.

Finally: What does the word “oomancy” refer to?

It refers to a medical condition where a baby is born with both sets of sexual organs. It describes a particular pattern in mahogany wood. It refers to the telling of legends such as a Dutch boy putting his finger in a hole in a dike. It is fortune telling based on cracked eggs. It is a Nigerian wedding dance. It refers to the custom of passing property to the oldest son.

And now, for the answers:

Susan Sternfield had a collection of Pez candy dispensers. In Illinois it is illegal to take off your shoes if you have smelly feet. Mr. Peekaboo realizes he can walk through walls and helps a young girl. Piscatology is the science of fishing. “Ichiboo” is a Japanese silver coin. “Stop, Look, and Listen” is a movie about The Three Stooges. “Oomancy” is fortune telling based on cracked eggs.

Out of seven, if you got five, you get an “A.” Four, a “B.” Three, a “C.” Two, a “D. Less than two? You’re a hopeless balderdasher.

The Prairie Spy by Alan "Lindy" Linda