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Editorial: Website makes it easier to give locally

From Santa Anonymous to the Girl Scouts, the Giving Tree to Kinship, and Someplace Safe to the Salvation Army, there’s no shortage of charitable organizations and events in the Perham area to consider supporting, especially around the holiday season.

There’s so much charitable activity going on, in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of: Which groups are holding holiday fundraisers, and when and for whom? Which are in need of volunteers, and how can I help?

It can be difficult to decide which of the many organizations or efforts to get behind: Which groups help kids? How about the elderly? Which address hunger, or poverty, or violence, or other issues of importance to me?

This abundance of helping agencies, groups and events is a good problem to have. And every good problem deserves a good solution.

That’s where Get Connected! comes in. This online resource, facilitated by United Way of Otter Tail County, makes it easy to find a way to give locally.

Whether a person is looking to volunteer, find a listing of upcoming charitable events, or donate a gift – of time, money or a hand-wrapped Christmas present, perhaps – Get Connected! is the website to visit.

The following organizations have listed needs, volunteer positions and events on the site: Perham Re-Use-It Thrift Shop, Kinship of the Perham Area, Boys and Girls Club of the Perham Area, Salvation Army, United Way of Otter Tail County, Mahube-Otwa, Fergus Falls YMCA, Perham Living, Lake Region Healthcare, Someplace Safe and the Girl Scouts.

Other groups or efforts that are not necessarily registered as nonprofits but are benefitting people in need include Santa Anonymous, The Perham Giving Tree and Friends of Friends Fighting Hunger in Otter Tail County.

All of these groups, big or small, rely on the generosity of local residents to survive and thrive.

Now, local residents have a reliable source to go to for information on how to best show their generosity.

Get Connected! is available at