Weather Forecast


Applause / A Pause

A PAUSE to soggy weather that has flooded some area cabins, basements and crop fields. Precipitation levels have been well above normal in recent weeks, with some areas around Perham receiving as many as 15 inches of rain within a 30-day period. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says June 2014 was the state’s wettest June on the modern record. And it just keeps coming. At press time Tuesday, it was raining again in Perham, with more rain in the forecast later this week. We can’t control the weather, but we can do our best to prepare for it. Not every bad situation can be prevented, but it can help to come up with a proactive plan for dealing with flooding — and doing our best to follow it.

APPLAUSE to the organizers of Turtle Fest. In its 30th year, back under the leadership of the Perham Area Chamber of Commerce, the event was by all accounts a success. Family-friendly activities drew crowds into town and provided all sorts of fun recreational opportunities for locals and tourists alike. The weather, often stormy and rainy, seemed to cooperate with the festival, with clouds parting just in time for the parade and no scheduled events getting rained out. Though the festival’s future was on shaky ground earlier this year, Turtle Fest was not allowed to wither away, and for that, the community should be proud.

A PAUSE to low attendance at the first Perham-Dent School District’s planning task force meeting. The meeting, held last week, drew just 13 people. Compared with the 70 people who showed up to a similar meeting held previously in Pelican Rapids, that number is embarrassingly low. The task force is a chance for parents and community members to have a real say in the future of our schools and facilities. The more people who provide input and ideas, the better off our school district will be. We urge people to get involved.