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EDITORIAL: Current items sought for time capsule

Remember the movie, "Back to the Future"? Sure you do. Marty McFly. "Hello, McFly!"

A time-traveling DeLorean, and a little something called the flux capacitor made that movie happen, and had us believing it is possible to be a slacker and go back in time to change history.

Back to the present, and looking ahead to the future.

The city of New York Mills is now looking for the community's help in it's own little time-traveling project. With the opening of the time capsule a couple weeks ago during the 125th celebration, after being sealed for 25 years, the city needs your help to preserve the history and heritage of Mills for the next 25 years and beyond.

Mayor Larry Hodgson is asking for volunteers to serve on the Perpetual History Time Capsule committee, which will be responsible for contents added to the items originally placed in 1984. With its opening the July 4 weekend the time capsule revealed a number of interesting items including newspapers from 1984, Centennial posters, buttons and a hat, as well as family history in sealed envelopes.

The city needs more items now before the capsule is re-sealed for the next 25 years.

Some items listed on the inventory of contents from 1984 include: registration for centennial; alumni registration for centennial; centennial program; Finn Creek Brochures; 1984 Garden Club members; 1984 New Yorker; Amerikan Uutiset; centennial book; NYM Lions Club 10-year report and pin; history of Olaf and Emma Tikkanen family; history of John Kumpula Family; history of Edward H. Rasmussen family; Co-op Services material; biography of W.A. Miller; history of Millerettes softball team; 1984 birthday and anniversary calendar and VFW Aux. officers; airport history; Sisters of the Swiss Centennial; postal rates and material.

Those are just some of the examples of items inventoried in the two containers sealed within the capsule in 1984. There are more family histories, as well as too many items to list.

This is your chance, our chance, to contribute to such an interesting project designed to preserve the history of this great community. Gather some materials and contact the city at 385-2213. Once the city receives more submissions to the capsule a committee will review the items and decide which will be sealed and not opened until 2034.

This is a great opportunity to put your own stamp on local history. What will New York Mills be 25 years from now. When that capsule is opened, it will be our children looking at the contents for a glimpse at what the community was up to in 2009.