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A reminder about our election season letters policy

Here at the East Otter Tail Focus, it's beginning to look a lot like election season.

For the last few weeks, letters to the editor have been pouring in at more than three times the normal rate, which we like to see.

From letters of support for a particular candidate to passionate pleas for a 'yes' or 'no' vote on the voter ID and marriage amendments, we've been pleased to reflect the diverse opinions of our readers on our Columns & Commentary pages.

It is our intent to be as fair as possible in our publication of letters to the editor. We always want to give the 'other side' a chance to rebut any issues or accusations brought up in a letter.

That is why it is our policy not to publish election-related letters to the editor the week before an election. Anything published at that time would not allow an opportunity for a rebuttal, since the Focus is published just once a week.

The Nov. 6 general election is now less than three weeks away.

We're reminding our readers to submit any politically-charged letters to the editor by the end of the day on Monday, Oct. 22, in time for publication in our Thursday, Oct. 25 newspaper.

We will make every effort to publish all the political letters we receive by Oct. 22. Any political letters that deserve the chance for rebuttal will not be published if received after this date.

Keep in mind that all letters are subject to editing and must follow the guidelines laid out at the bottom of this page. While we hope every letter submitted can be published, we will not print anything containing hate language or personal attacks on character. All letters are subject to editing.

While opinion-page coverage of the elections is limited after Oct. 25, the Focus will be publishing an informational Voter's Guide in our Thursday, Nov. 1 edition. The guide will contain Q&As with candidates and other information that we hope will be helpful to area voters.