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Guest Editorial: School is safe

"Our schools are safe."

In the wake of the horrific murders in a Newtown, Conn., elementary school, we're hearing that assurance over and over again.

And while it might not seem so, it is true. Statistical evidence is clear. Young students are safer in school than virtually any place else, including their homes. The numbers have been all over the news lately.

Cold statistics are no comfort to the parents of the dead children of Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School, nor is such evidence much help to a grieving nation. But it is important for teachers, principals and law enforcement officials to remind parents that their children are secure in school. It is imperative to demonstrate that modern school building security and student/teacher drills enhance security and safety.

No system is perfect. No child can be safe from harm all the time. But from what we know about local schools, protocols are in place to minimize risk to children and to respond to threats, both external and internal. At a time when sorrow is deep and fear for our own children's safety simmers just below the surface, we at least know our schools are as prepared as they can possibly be.

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