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APPLAUSE to the state tournament runs from the Perham boys basketball and gymnastics teams. Neither team was favored to win a section title. Both defeated higher-ranked opponents to make repeat trips to Minneapolis, joining members of the boys swim team and the wrestling team and capping a very successful winter season for the Yellowjackets.

 A PAUSE to Ol’ Man Winter, who needs a sunny vacation as much as everyone else living above the 44th parallel.

APPLAUSE to young people with the guts to speak out for what they believe in. We’ve seen it happen twice in Perham in the last month or so:  First, when two foreign exchange students spoke publicly against claims about the Muslim faith made by a guest speaker at a local church, and again when several students came well prepared to a school board meeting in a passionate effort to keep the orchestra program going into the future.

A PAUSE to the drivers seen speeding past school buses near Perham, even as they were stopped to pick up kids. This is a careless and dangerous practice that could have devastating consequences. Please, slow down and drive safely around school buses. When they’re stopped, you should be, too.

*Editor’s note: Applause/A Pause is appearing a week late this month, due to a lack of space in last week’s Focus.