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Letter to Editor: ‘Thanks’ for all the community support for ITOW museum

Wednesday evening, May 15, I attended the open house at the East Otter Tail History Museum.  It was there I learned of the great gift given by John Karvonen to the In Their Own Words Veterans Museum. He came with a complete beautiful furniture donation and the services of Carol, who works at Karvonen’s. She arranged the furniture and beautiful wall decorations for the Social Room there.

The next day I visited the ITOW Museum to view this gift.  I just had to sit down and let the beauty of the Social Room surround me!  Since it has been a surprise gift, there has been no publicity about it. I urge everyone, especially veterans, to come and enjoy it.

I learned further that there is tremendous support from KLN Enterprises, Arvig, Dennis Happel and the city, and many other individuals as well as businesses.  If my husband, Sherman, was alive, he’d be giving a lot of hugs!!

The ITOW is the meeting place for the VFW, American Legion and Auxiliaries and several other organizations.  The Department of Veterans Affairs provides regular on-site services.

The ITOW is a supporting environment for veterans, a place where visitors can gain an understanding of a veteran’s journey “In Their Own Words.” It is a place for community to gather and support veterans.  Do come and support our veterans.

Alta Mandt, Perham, MN