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Letter to the Editor: Liberty is in danger

Given events concerning the IRS targeting non-profit organizations, people need to open their eyes as to what our government is doing. The Internal Revenue Service has delayed giving tax-exempt status to any non-profit organization that has the words “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their names. The IRS has also done this with pro-life organizations and also has the gall to tell them not to protest in front of Planned Parenthood or else they will not receive tax exempt status.

In my previous letter to the editor, I cited Frederic Bastiat and made the claim that the government will use the force of law against any organization that holds to a more traditional viewpoint on morality. The Boy Scouts of America have been threatened for years that their tax exempt status would be taken away if they did not vote a certain way, conforming to what the government wants.

My reason for bringing this up is my strong belief that the next target is religious institutions. Barry Lynn’s Americans United for the Separation of Church and State wants to bring the Catholic Church to court because of their stances on issues like homosexuality and abortion.

An advisor to the Pentagon regarding religious tolerance, Mike Weinstein, considers Christian fundamentalism to be “spiritual rape,” and should be grounds to convict a person for treason and sedition. A Colorado Trooper by the name of Joe Kluczynski gave a two-hour presentation about groups who are considered threats by law enforcement, and one of those groups was people who take the Bible literally and fundamentalists.

Liberty is at stake in this country because we are not vigilant. We go about our days completely oblivious to the events that take place around us. That is the reason why I write. To get people to wake up and make sure that our liberty is not taken away bit by bit under the radar.

Evan Larson, Perham, MN

This letter was written in response to the Editor’s note added to the end of Mr. Larson’s letter in last week’s Perham Focus.