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The IRS gets bonuses for this?

I recall when the Obama regime, in its response to the sequester deal Obama pushed through Congress, then realized it would mean spending cuts. Obama tried to tell us that the government had no wasteful spending, no fat to trim from the budget. Obama told us the first cuts would affect cops and firefighters, air traffic controllers and teachers.

 Well, fast forward to the here and now, and we see the Internal Revenue Service is passing around the generous sums of more than $70 million dollars in bonuses for its agents and supervisors. To see the agency which is enmeshed in a widespread scandal – where the only defense they have against charges of corruption is claims of rampant incompetence – now harvesting gargantuan bonuses, while hard working families groan under increasing costs, taxes, and unemployment – in no small measure the result of our confiscatory tax system – is outrageous  and intolerable.

 This also shows the folly of public employee unions, for these bonuses are a result of collective bargaining with the White House budget office. And, after the White House budget negotiator agreed to this fiasco, he, Danny Werfel, was appointed as IRS Commissioner by President Barack Obama.

We can no longer afford to deal with this massive government financial waste, abuse, incompetence.

The time to start undoing this fraud and arrogance of power is now. How can it be that there are thousands of reasons why this outrageous spending cannot be stopped?

Bill Schulz, Fergus Falls