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Letter to the Editor: An open letter to Robert Williams

Mr. Williams,

I truly feel sorry for you after reading your column last week. I wish you could have been  around in the 1980s and ‘90s when amateur baseball was THE event on a sunny summer Sunday afternoon. 

Vergas vs. Dent and Corliss vs. Perham Panthers were games you didn’t want to miss.  Good baseball. Good rivalries, good men, and some pretty darn good ball players, too.

Watching Greg Huwe and Mike Ramsey turn double plays for the Corliss Wildcats was like watching water wash over rocks. Al Bachmann pitching was well worth the couple of bucks when they passed the hat. Ed Stoll throwing a complete game, Hans Hanson hitting a ball so far it probably still hasn’t landed, and the Burkman brothers, Chad and Peyton, bashing home run after home run. I could go on and on about some of the ball players from the era. 

There were some pretty good managers, as well, hovering around the third base coaches box: Norb Benke, Jerome Meyer, Marv Hexum and Keith Bunkowske, just to name a few.

All those men, and even the ones I missed from those days, all had one thing in common: respect for the game and all its players, and respect for the umpires who called the game. They may not have always agreed with a call, but they respected it.

I’m not going to try to explain where that respect has gone in today’s amateur game.  All I wish is that Sunday afternoon amateur baseball would be THE event it used to be.

Tom Meyer, Dent, MN