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Letter to the Editor: Increased taxes the doing of the DFL

An article recently caught my attention in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal. It was titled, “State leaders say one thing and do the opposite.”

I would always pay attention to these articles, as I pride myself with serving my constituents with honesty and respect. The columnist, David C. Olson (president of the Minnesota Chamber association), was totally correct in the facts he presented. Minnesotans will see increased taxes across the board for businesses, individuals and personal services.

The fact that I would like to make clear is this was a very partisan vote. I recognize people like cooperation between parties in St Paul, which is often the case. But this tax increase was the workmanship of the “Triple Crown,” which is the DFL-controlled House, Senate and Governor’s office.

It needs to be pointed out that elections have consequences. The democrats ran on a “Tax the rich” platform. One must ask, who are the rich?

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen

(R-Alexandria) Alexandria, MN