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Letter to the Editor: Franson letter full of distortions

How nice to read the latest piece from Mary Franson in the Focus. As usual, it’s a blitzkrieg of BS, part of the reason why she lost her home area by such large margins in the last election.

She begins with the same distortion that Republicans have been using for decades about taxation, thinking you’re dumb enough to just blindly accept it without any research. The fact is that there is some sorely needed new revenue in the budget, but if you’re a non-smoking property owner not in the richest 2 percent, your taxes will go DOWN, thanks to the reinstatement of the Homestead Property Tax Credit.

Republicans like Franson not only took that away last session, leading to an 8 percent hike on your property taxes, but they took money from schools and the tobacco settlement to pretend like they “fixed” the deficit.

Who supports “Richie Rich?” Is it the DFL, who lowered your property taxes and will raise the minimum wage next year, or the Republicans, who give lavish tax cuts to the rich and corporations, leading to an economic disaster like Wisconsin is facing?

All you have to do is look at the prosperity shared by all in Democratic states and compare it to the widespread poverty in Republican dominated states to understand who each party truly represents.

Shawn Olson, Alexandria, MN