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Letter to the Editor: Fireworks display a big hit at national event, thanks to local folks

I would like to take the time to publicly thank people for their efforts in helping us with our 2013 PGI (Pyrotechnics Guild International) Convention fireworks display.

Earlier this month, Tammy and I headed out east to Slippery Rock, Penn., for yet another PGI convention. Once again, this was not all fun and games, as we were asked to provide a display for the event. We were chosen to provide the opening display based on an award winning presentation two years ago in Fargo.

This unique site proved to be somewhat of a challenge for the different field set that I wanted to attempt. Because of the overall footage and an arch that I wanted to lay out, all while working with other display companies in the same field, I needed a simple way to accomplish this task.

I asked Jeff Morris and Tom Spencer to put their mathematical skills to work to see if they could come up with a possible solution, making this job as easy as it can be. They both were able to help with their math knowledge, and both came up with the perfect field layout strategy, which was flawless. This layout proved to be a positive idea, enhancing what we were attempting to accomplish.

Also, in years past, David Howey of KPRW has helped me on countless fireworks soundtracks that were both time consuming and exciting, and this year’s tract that he and I created was absolutely the best soundtrack we have ever created. Never before have so many fellow display operators from across the U.S. commented on a soundtrack used at this national convention. It is usually the fireworks and/or the choreography that dominates the chatter, but this year’s soundtrack was a complete hit.

Thanks to these people willing to help us in our cause to provide entertainment to so many others, we achieved just what we set out to do. We rocked the pyrotechnic world in Pennsylvania. Never before have we continued to hear applause even after the finale smoke left; this year, the area people were still standing and cheering. As much as that was an overwhelming feeling of success, we also realize very much that it did not come without help from our friends locally.

Thank you to: Jeff Morris, Tom Spencer and David Howey. We appreciate you very much.

Mike Schmidt, Perham