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Letter to the Editor: Random act of kindness brings tears to veteran

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a total stranger.

We did not know her name, but her selfless act has made me appreciate the country we live in even more.

On a recent shopping trip to Service Foods in Perham, as we were checking out, this angel behind my father approached the clerk and said she would like to pay for our groceries.

When my father asked her why, she said she had seen his Korean War Vet hat and said he deserved anything she could do.

I was so overwhelmed by this random act of kindness I could hardly convey to my daughter, who was with us, what had happened.

Thank you again. You brought tears to an 84-year-old Korean War vet, and so much more to those who love him deeply.

My father, Walter Halvorson, had open heart surgery in May and was in the Minneapolis VA hospital for over three weeks.

His family stayed by his side the entire time thanks to the Fisher House, which is located nearby, as available housing for eligible veterans. It’s a wonderful place.

It means so much to our family that there are still many thankful people in our area that give thanks to our veterans.

My father is doing great and back at home.

The family of Walter Halvorson: Vicki, Jacki, Gwen, Brenda and John