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Letter to the Editor: VFW member shares idea for new memorial

An open letter to the Commander of the VFW, Commander of the American Legion and the Director of Perham Health:

Gentlemen, every time I drive past our new hospital,  Imarvel at what a nice location it would be for a veterans memorial. If a flagpole were installed in front of the existing reader board and sign, it could be turned into a memorial to those who have served, those who are serving and those who gave their all in service to this country.

I see a committee set up, to whom family members could apply for a time (such as a week long) when a flag be raised in honor of their husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter. This would be what we call a “casket flag,” approximately 5-by-7 feet. This could be the flag given to the family at the passing of a veteran, or one supplied by the VFW or the Legion for that week as a memorial for the service person being honored.

The family would be present at the raising and removal of the flag, and during the week that veteran’s photo (if available), name, rank, unit and time served, WWI, WWII, Korea, etc. be listed among the announcements on the hospital’s reader board.

Other things, like a bench or two or a walk of paving stones listing the names of our veterans, could also be in the works in the future.

This memorial would serve to point out to all who pass (and many drive past on Highway 10) that we remember our loved ones who served.

Others have flags on holidays; this memorial would include the family and let others also know we still remember those who served, every day.

RM (Andy) Andersen, Ottertail, MN

Life Member of Perham VFW