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Letter to the Editor: Perham’s used school books get sent to Liberia

Thanks to the thoughtful generosity of Perham High School Principal Ehren Zimmerman and school faculty, used textbooks from the school are on their way to Cotton Tree in Liberia, West Africa.

It all began when my friend Rev. James Kollie, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Cotton Tree, accompanied me on recent parent-teacher meetings.

As my visit with math teacher Kyle Knutson wound down, James asked if there were any textbooks being discarded that he could have for the parochial school associated with his church. Knutson retrieved 27 algebra books headed for disposal and smiles appeared. Susan Tostenson donated some 13 science books and smiles broadened.

Thereafter, I briefly met with Zimmerman, and ever so graciously he made a school-wide notice to all teachers. Kim Anderson phoned me, and on Oct. 23, I found a superabundance of textbooks in neat piles to be taken: science, math, and English.

These are what James was looking for to help supply the budding school associated with his church. And he received an over-flowing abundance.

Eagerly, some eight or nine high school boys answered my request and made several trips to move the books from the storage room to my car. A hearty ‘thank you’ to such fine young men!

Liberian Independence day was July 26, 1847. The country was settled by freed American slaves in the early 1800s, and so the national language is English.

Liberia has close relations with the United States and Lutheranism is a large presence in a country that is roughly 50 percent Christian.

Thank you to Zimmerman, faculty, and all who behind the scenes at PHS helped this project become a success.

Your kind generosity is a tremendous encouragement and help to our neighbors across the sea.

Thank you, and God bless.

Rev. Karl Weber

St. John’s Lutheran,

Ottertail, and St. Paul’s Lutheran, Richville