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Letter to the Editor: Taxpayer: county should reconsider fee caused by postal delay

Our county commissioners need to start being more responsive to helping and ‘fighting’ for the side of the taxpayers who elected them into office.

Sometimes one commissioner cannot be as effective as when all commissioners band together on the side of the taxpayers.

Farm real estate taxes were due Nov. 15. On Nov. 15, I mailed my check using my mailbox at the end of my driveway. The letters we mail from home end up in the Wadena Post Office, which is in a different postal district than our home address in Bluffton.

On Nov. 20, the Otter Tail County Treasurer sent me a bill of penalty for late postmark.

Not being able to reason with the treasurer’s office by phone, I paid a visit to the Wadena Postmaster. I was startled to learn that our letters do not get postmarked now until the next day. This is because the “higher-ups” of the United States Postal Service (USPS) decided it would be better to close the St. Cloud regional sorting office and send all the mail to Minneapolis to be sorted. This policy started in mid-September.

To top it off, the Postmasters were not allowed to inform us rural patrons of this policy because they did not want people writing to their Congressmen and women.

Despite all the evidence presented to the Otter Tail County Treasurer’s Office, they still insist on collecting a late fee, even after they found out that we were totally in the blind about the current policy of the USPS.

This is just another example of how our government is using any means it can to funnel as much money out of the taxpayers as it wants to, with total disregard to understanding the taxpayers’ explanation of the facts.

In closing, I strongly urge our county commissioners, as a group, to reign in the activities of county government. The handling of my case by the county treasurer’s office is completely wrong, and the commissioners need to discipline that office duly and immediately.

Harvey Primus

Bluffton, MN