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Letter to the Editor: The drifting, whistling snow

I discovered Ottertail between two great big snow banks Monday morning.

And for hours I wandered aimlessly through the snow, seeking answers to the many questions racing through my feathered brain:

Where was everything? Where was my driveway? My sidewalk? My pickup?

Finally, I could go no further. I leaned against a tree, put my ear flaps down, and wondered where to go.

That’s when I realized, I was a prisoner here in Ottertail, with this drifting, whistling snow.

That’s when Sandra, she called out to me: “Willard, I’ve got to go to Ladies Aid.”

“Shovel out that pickup. Best you get started right away.”

Now, them early settlers fought them miners and those crazy Navaho.

But, I tell you, that was nothing like all this drifting snow.

So I took the scoop and started shoveling, all I could see was just the hood.

Then the wind began to whistle, and the snow began to blow.

And I went in the house to dry my hands and warm my frozen toes.

While I was gone the snow banks began to grow and grow.

And now my shovel, too, is resting ‘neath that whistling, drifting snow.

Just how I managed to get out of Ottertail, I do not know.

But, now to pay my debt for being spared, I just had to share;

What we went through this weekend in the snow and cold.

Willard Sanders

Ottertail, MN