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Letter to the Editor: Northwoods pastor says ‘thank you’ for program support

I would like to take a moment to thank all who came and supported the cause of looking for and rescuing the children of human trafficking this past week.

Through the generous hearts of Joe and Dolores Wasche of the Comet Theatre, we were able to show the movie “Not Today” and create an awareness of human trafficking in our world today.

Through the generosity of the nearly 150 people who showed up over the two nights that the film was shown, just over $1,000 was raised to help care for children who have been rescued, as well as to help put an undercover investigator on the field who will work with government officers looking for, and gathering video evidence of, the sale of minors into the sex trade.

Thanks to all the churches who promoted the event in their churches and who sent representatives to the showing.

Northwoods Assembly is committed to the cause of rescue and care of those who are being trafficked, and will continue to bring an awareness of the issue to our community, as well as be involved in the care and rescue of victims.

If you would like to support, go on a missions trip for the cause or simply support what is already happening, call the church at 346-5433.

Pastor Dirk Currier

Northwoods Assembly

Perham, MN