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Letter to the Editor: Homeowners deserve to be compensated after sewer backup

Last June 20-21, the sanitary sewer backed up due to a heavy rainfall, a lightning strike and an infrastructure that has not kept up with the expansion of the city.

At least two dozen residents experienced extreme clean-up costs and loss of property.

The city’s ineffective insurance company refuses to pay for the numerous claims, stating that the city has done a good job with its updating of the infrastructure.

A few months later, an article appeared in this paper that stated the city of Perham was being fined $70,000 by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for odors caused in part by the city not “keeping proper records for, or adequately maintaining and/or calibrating, various types of monitoring and pumping equipment.”

I find it very interesting that the state is able to fine Perham for something that does not directly affect it, but the residents who suffered documented loss are denied.

Keith Boehlke

Perham, MN