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Letter to the Editor: City of Perham should take responsibility

I agree wholeheartedly with last week’s letter to the editor submitted by Mr. Boehlke; “Homeowners deserve to be compensated after sewer backup.”

Our home was also negatively affected by the city’s failure to have an adequate back-up system when the power went out after the heavy rainfall last June.

Besides having to put up with the horrid odor in our home, we had to make numerous trips up and down our basement carrying loads of sewage infected items, and also with trips to the landfill.

In addition to the cost of having professionals come in to clean up the sewage left behind by the city’s sewer problems, we also lost many items such as clothes, toys, books, school materials, tapes, furniture, etc.

Our carpeting was destroyed, as well as possible other damages that may still be lurking behind the walls in our basement from the 4-6 inches of sewage that backed-up into our home.

We, along with other neighbors, filed a complaint with the City of Perham and were told by the city that it was an act of God. An Act of God? I don’t know who their god is, or why he would want to inflict this kind of destruction on people, but it’s not the same God whom I serve. It sounds more like the god of this world than the God of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We were told by the city office that we would have to file a claim with the city’s insurance company, which we did. About a month later we received a letter in the mail from the insurance company, informing us that we would not be compensated for our losses. It was not determined whether or not the city was liable by a third party or an outside agency, but it was decided by the insurance company.

The insurance company itself decided it would not be required to pay for the damages incurred by the residents of the city. This is like allowing the fox to guard the hen-house!

Of course the adjuster for the League of Minnesota Cities would not find the city liable for our losses, for if they had, they would have been ruling against themselves.

Merle Hexum

Perham, Minn.