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Letter to the Editor: A suggestion for Twins and KLN advertising

You need to know that I love the Twins, but truthfully, I love KLN Family Brands companies even more. I really delight in Twins/KLN ads. However, I miss Kenny Nelson in the ads. Charlie Nelson does a great job, too – I have known Charlie since he was a happy, friendly kid, and I cheer him every step of the way. That cheering goes back to his Perham Yellowjacket Football days (first Minnesota high school football game I ever saw on television), his Northern League baseball pitching days (sadly, I never saw him pitch in person) plus his time in the Los Angeles Dodgers professional baseball organization.

So how about we have the best of both worlds: Charlie does half of the spots and Kenny does the other? This may involve advertising agencies for both the Twins and KLN, but rest assured, I will be happy to plead my case to both!

George Frankberg, Detroit Lakes, Minn