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Letter to the Editor: Proud to wear Perham’s black and gold

I moved to Perham three years ago from a school that was definitely missing something. At the time, I maybe didn’t even realize what that something was.

It didn’t take me long at all to figure it out.

When you are instantly welcomed by kids like Jordan Cresap, Mark Schumacher, Josh Nordick, Nick Bahls as well as many, many others, I instantly realized that high school athletics was about brotherhood and friendships. It didn’t matter what grade you were in or what talent level you were, everyone was part of the team.

It also didn’t take long to realize how much support there is from the community. People actually came out and not only supported their school and athletes, but they took pride in doing so, and it wasn’t just parents or people cheering for one kid!

Last week, as my team and I prepared to play Barnesville in our section game, we followed all the social media  hatred toward Perham throughout the day. Every neighboring town was cheering against us. We knew it wasn’t because they really hated us for any reason other than that Yellowjackets are successful and Yellowjackets are proud.

That was very obvious at the game that night – the fans and students that we had out-cheered all those other towns combined!

I hope in the years to come, the underclassmen can take as much pride in cheering on their classmates as kids like Zach Gabbard and CJ Mulcahy have – carry that on!

I hope Perham knows what a special thing it has going here. You have great students and great coaches and a great community. I could not have been more proud to wear any other colors than gold and black, and can’t express enough thanks to this town for making Perham my home.

Your pride is amazing, and how that makes us feel as athletes can’t be compared.

Thanks, Yellowjackets – keep it up! Thanks for being PROUD!

Eli Beachy, Perham, MN