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Letter to the Editor: Jamestown Choir concert was an inspiration

Since the day I walked across the graduation stage at Perham High School in 2011, the thought of home has still left me inspired, encouraged, and supported. In college, life has been a whirlwind of new experiences and roles as I’ve continued the path to becoming a music educator. One of these new roles recently led me back to my hometown.

Last Friday, my two worlds collided as the Jamestown Choir arrived in Perham for a Spring Tour Concert in collaboration with the Perham High School Concert Choir at the Perham Center for the Arts.

My purpose in writing this letter is to send my appreciation to my forever first community for welcoming the Jamestown Choir with open arms.

To the friends at the Perham Center for the Arts: your support and openness to hosting the concert allowed the Jamestown Choir to come to our community – may every dream you have for the Perham Center for the Arts flourish to reality.

Kevin Kosiak, your belief and action in this project made it happen – thank you for continuing to inspire me long after my days in your music classroom.

Perham High School Choir students and families, congratulations on your performance and thank you for welcoming Jamestown Choir students into your home – may you be blessed in return.

To all friends who contributed to preparing the meal for the Jamestown Choir, thank you, it was a perfect gift.

United Community Bank, thank you for making sure our choir was equipped with water – you all know singers cannot survive without it! KLN Enterprises, thank you for your donation of chips, licorice, and specialty treats – they were enjoyed long after the tour bus pulled away from Perham.

Audience members, thank you for coming to one of the most inspiring concerts I’ve experienced on my college choir tours. Your enthusiasm to receive the gift of music was a gift to the Jamestown Choir.

Once again, my community amazed me.

MayPerham continue to be a place where all who encounter it feel cherished enough to return.

Paige Meyer, Perham, MN