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Letter to the Editor: Praise for Rep. Peterson? Let me go puke!

I read a letter in last week’s Focus from a Jeanne Johnson, evidently a member or supporter of an organization called the Citizens Climate Lobby, of Alexandria, Minn. I just have to take issue with this letter.

What exactly is the Citizens Climate Lobby, and what does it have to do with agriculture, which is Rep. Collin Peterson’s focus? Or does it maybe refer to the “climate” of the political persuasion of the “citizens?” OK, let’s set that aside for now.

Johnson referred to a new farm bill that was passed, which sets policy for five years. That in itself is wrong, because now we’re stuck with this policy for five more years. She goes on to say how “remarkable” this policy is because it promotes sustainable farming, with money to help farmers transition to less carbon-intensive farming. She does express disappointment with the fact that there’s no limit on how big a subsidy farmers can get, so “millionaire farmers will continue to do very well, indeed.”

But wait! To get this bill passed, Rep. Peterson had to compromise and agree to the other part of this omnibus bill, which was to cut food stamps for the poor. So while poor families are forced to do with less money for food to feed their kiddos, “millionaire farmers will continue to do very well.”

Does anyone else out there smell corruption, or is it just me?

Oh, that’s right – the highly regarded Collin Peterson expressed disappointment with some aspects of the bill. But, as Johnson states, “we all know that without compromise, legislation just doesn’t get passed.”

Johnson is amazed that she hasn’t seen a single letter praising Collin Peterson for his hard work. Excuse me a minute... I have to go puke!

Let me tell you a story about Collin Peterson and all of our so-called representatives. Several years ago, I went to a town meeting held by our former representative Roxann Daggett. I wanted to tell her to do something to stop the chemtrail spraying over our state. She told me I’d have to speak with Collin Peterson because she couldn’t do anything about it. After numerous phone calls to set up a time to meet with him, to no avail, I went to his Detroit Lakes office and yelled a little louder. I was assured I’d be contacted with a meeting time.

In the meantime, I went to see our former Rep. Mark Murdock. He, like most people, never heard of chemtrails, but he assured me he’d do the research and get back to me. To his credit, he did. But the research was superficial and boiler-plated.

To this day, I still haven’t heard from Rep. Peterson’s office. I guess he’s too busy to see me because I’m not one of those millionaire farmers who keep voting him into office so he’ll keep voting in legislation that benefits rich farmers.

Collin Peterson should not be praised, lauded or congratulated. He should get out of office and let some new blood get in there. He’s up for re-election this fall. I hope you vote him out. Start thinking for yourselves, start doing for yourselves, and start voting people into office who will actually represent you and not their own agendas.         

Connie Koehnen

Perham, MN