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Letter to the Editor: Turnout at fundraiser a disappointment

I want to give a special ‘Thank You’ to the people who gave their time and support to help the Paxton Brummond family and Diane Anderson’s daughter, Leah, who had surgery on April 11.

To the 30 or so people who came to the Krista and Eva Relief Fundraiser on April 12: your support was awesome! We raised $1,367 to help them. 

I am, however, very sad to report a low attendance and overall level of interest from the community. There is a lot of time and preparation put into this fundraiser, to help those in this community. The lack of support is very disappointing.

Thank you again to those who donated and showed up. May God bless you!

If you would still like to make a contribution, please contact Gary Senske with the Perham Lions.

Thank you.

Joni Bloomquist

Perham, MN