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Master Gardener says ‘thanks’ to all supporters

We are a small group of 35 members that promotes conservation, the environment, horticulture, youth gardening, etc.

Too often we forget to pay our dues and say “Thank You” to those businesses, both large and small, that help maintain our existence.

The Perham community is a vibrant and progressive group that never seems to falter. Their support to groups like ours restores the faith, so to speak, which makes you want to carry on!

Our recent Horticulture Day (March 16), hampered by cold and snow, did not diminish our local supporters and vendors from attending.

So, therefore, to pay our debt, we all say a very large and sincere “Thank You” to all of Perham.

Denny Reynold

Vice President, East Otter Tail Master Gardeners

Richville, MN