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Letter to the Editor: Not up in arms over guns, gay marriage

OK, I am not the smartest person in the world, but, seriously, why should I freak out, run for the hills and get all up in arms about gun owners or gay marriage?

If a citizen wants to own a gun or many guns, that does not need to affect my life or my equal rights.

The only real question that we should be asking gun owners is whether or not they are responsible, law-abiding and relatively sane people. If they are, then what exactly is the big deal?

If a citizen wants to date or marry a lady or a dude, that does not need to affect my life or my equal rights.   If they responsible, law-abiding and relatively sane, then I don’t see how two people’s gender, race, color, creed, class, politics or physical handicap has much to do with secular marriage.

Why are people gay? Why are people gun owners? If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a noise? No doubt these are all good questions to ask, but I am not some professor, politician or lobbyist who can make a living off these sorts of loaded questions.

Peddling hatred and intolerance against people that do not look, think, pray, vote or live like me may be a great career move for some people, but not me. I have to live, for the most part, in the real world, where there are only so many hours in the day and lots of work and family-related stuff to get done.

So, if you want me to freak out about something that is probably not going to affect me in a bad way or violate my rights, then I need a bit more than a B-movie inspired serial about how someone should be given more attention, money and power so that they can stop the big, bad ‘redneck gun lunatics’ or the ‘militant homosexuals.’

Eddie Brown, Perham, MN