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Letter to the Editor: Living by my beliefs does not make me a ‘bigot’

This letter is in response to Jack Zeleski’s editorial article in last week’s Perham Focus. I take exception to one particular sentence: “And there is no question some religious organizations that sponsor troops will cut ties with Scouting because of the overt admission of gay boys, as they mask bigotry with piety.”

As a regular church-going person with a strong faith in God, I live a life of integrity by standing by my beliefs. And those beliefs include treating all people with dignity and respect regardless of sexual orientation. However, that does not mean I condone all types of lifestyles. To live according to my beliefs does not make me a bigot.

Mr Zeleski could have skipped writing that sentence, but it does give him away as a person who thinks he is a liberal thinker. He, as well as many other liberals in this country, are blind to their own prejudice. Think like me and everything is OK, but any other point of view and those are considered unintellectual bigots.

I do agree with Mr. Zeleski on one point: “The world of 2013 is not the same as the world of the 1960s.”

The gay movement has taken center stage through intense media coverage – news, movies, TV shows. If we didn’t know any better, we would think the majority of people were gay. This blatant coverage is meant to wear down the populace and make it seem as “everything is OK.”

Well, Mr. Zeleski, everything is not OK, and all I ask is that we listen to each other’s points of view and disagree with respect, refraining from using inflammatory words that only incite polarization.

My point of view, and those of millions of other people, has value and a long history of reason, and therefore, begs to be heard, listened to with an open mind and understood.

Mary Kerekes, Perham, MN