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Column: To Tweet or not to Tweet

WWW - With the advent and release of Twitter in the summer of 2006, I swore, as a freelancer who did much of his work on a barstool, I shall never Tweet.

I needed more than 140 characters.

I blogged like it was a daily addiction on any topic from anti-war rhetoric to covering the finals of the Old Timers Hockey Tournament in Detroit Lakes from the scorer's box, typically with bad gin and cheap juice.

In January of 2011, amidst one of the most intense seasons of sports in this area with two state champions, the gymnastics and boys basketball teams, it became apparent I had worked myself into a corner.

I signed up. In a very real moment in a digital landscape, I was forced to admit I shall Tweet.

As I approach my second annus horribilis, (bachelor speak for anniversary with a Latin bent), with Twitter, I now realize, like many a bad relationship, I couldn't live without her. I couldn't live with her; pass the beer nuts, and all that, S/O to @GeorgeWendt.

It pains me to admit I love Twitter.

The site allows for almost anything the sports report addict needs and even more for sports journalists, all in the realm of personal relationships, as well. It creates a forum where one must censor one's full personality, like any relationship, and play between the lines of being a person and also someone with a very minor public reach via their job.

Twitter has tamed my self-indulgence, almost making me a better or at least nicer person. That's weird but true.

Live updates from games out of town by journalists from Forum Communications and the kindness of others from different companies has erased what was once a competing faux pas into a simple Retweet and sooner or later, writers like Derek Martin at the Crookston Times will be paid back when the Pirates make an appearance in Otter Tail County.

When a follower Tweets me for a score update it is great to be able to point them in the direction of that score.

Following Gabriele Anderson at the Olympic Trials; witnessing communications between the cross country team on their year-long quest for greatness; and then throw in a Tweetback from the likes of Carrie Keagan and there's no telling how many hours I live on the thing.

Then again, maybe I have a minuscule social life in the real world and have more friends I know by avatar than their actual face.

Then I see a Tweet by @cobbbuckyball and I feel better.

If Bucky Burgau Tweets, so shall I.

Join in the fun @eotsports

Robert Williams

Sports Editor at the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Williams worked prior as the Sports Editor in Perham for the Focus, a Forum Communications newspaper, from 2010-14. 

(218) 844-1442