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Perham Pirates' appeal to MBA set for June 14

The Perham Pirates' request for an appeal meeting to discuss an ineligible player violation and a ban on post-season play has been added to the agenda for the next board meeting of the Minnesota Baseball Association Saturday, June 14. 

According to Minnesota Baseball Association (MBA) Region 13 Representative Daniel Thoennes, a meeting was held in May to determine the Perham Pirates' playoff fate this season.

Perham won their first two games of the season but were forced to forfeit both when a player was found to be ineligible.

A player must live in the area to play for the team and that was alleged to not be true for one Pirate.

The penalty for this MBA rule's violation is the team is banned from the playoffs for one year.

The residency rule is listed in Article 9 of the MBA handbook (2013):

Article 9:

A player must physically live in residence FULL TIME to qualify for establishing residency. “Residence” shall mean the place where a new player actually establishes his residence on or before March 15 of the current baseball season and continues his habitat there until

he participates in 4 league games during the current year. He must take demonstrative legal action to establish said residence - such a voter registration, driver’s license, and provide multiple forms of documentation ie; income tax return, renters insurance policy, homeowners insurance policy, copies of rent checks, copies of mortgage payments, copies of mail delivered to address and verification from landlord, etc. The new player must also be able to show proof that he actually resided in said residence from on or before March 15 of the current year and remained there until he participated in 4 league games. League members, league officers, commissioners and state board members may investigate whether or not the new player actually is living in said residence. Penalty:Player and team will be barred from post season play for that season for not complying. Player and team must return to State Board for reinstatement.

B. Radius Player: The radius requirements for all players will be calculated by a (GPS Visualizer). The radius was set at 30 miles from players’ residence to the ball park address. This will also change the college rule to 30 mile radius. This is similar to the previous rule using (as the crow flies). However, the new rule is from (players’ residence to address of ball park). The old rule was (city limits to city limits). When using the (GPS) teams must declare the (latitude and longitude) of player address and ball park address. These measurements must be recorded with the league secretary.

Robert Williams

Sports Editor at the Detroit Lakes Tribune. Williams worked prior as the Sports Editor in Perham for the Focus, a Forum Communications newspaper, from 2010-14. 

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