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Special Olympics Bocce tournament held in Alexandria

Tom Vezner makes an attempt at the Area 4 Special Olympics Bocce tournament in Alexandria. Submitted photos.

ALEXANDRIA — 27 athletes from Perham Area Special OlympiC Team competed in the Area 4 Bocce Tournament.

They competed against athletes from Alexandria, Breckenridge, Moorhead, and Verndale both in singles and doubles.

Singles results for the various divisions & age groups:

First place - Troy Tierney, Marie Krosch, Kenny Parrish, Crystal Miller, Amber Donahue, Donna Zimmerman, and Tom Vezner.

Second place- Chris Johnson, Ryan Schattschnedier, Jason Galbrecht, Conrad Johnsen, Jake Hessig, Kayla Spencer, Tim Ballard, and Lisa Maninga.

Third place- Amanda Wothe, Mark Nansen, Philip Tweeton, Nahum Escamilla, Tyler Olsen, and Duane Muckey.

Fourth place- Randy Johnson, Bradley Fletcher, Gary Johnson, Alicia Cheney, and Joe Wichmann.

Doubles results:

First place - Lisa Maninga and Philip Tweeton, Jake Hessig, and Kenny Parrish and team Tigers.

Second place- Randy Johnson and Troy Tierney, Tim Ballard and Tom Vezner, Duane Muckey and Tyler Olsen, and the unified team of Ryan and Corinne Schattschneider.

Third place: Chris Johnson and Mark Nansen, Marie Krosch and Amanda Wothe.

4th place: Conrad Johnsen and Gary Johnson.