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Challenges in scheduling spring sports

By Jon Kotaska

As we start to get father into our spring sports season here at the school, we also get farther into our spring sports weather, which means cancellations due to rain and snow. As we start to have more events cancelled, that means that we must reschedule more and more events in a shorter time frame.

For our baseball and our softball participants, when one game is cancelled we try to first look at rescheduling a double header the next time that the two teams are scheduled to play. By doing this we still play on a date that we know we already will be playing that particular team. This allows us to have one bus trip between the two schools and still compete in as many conference games as we possibly can, while not overloading the athlete's already busy schedule. This also helps these students to not have to compete with other activities that are happening or that they are a part of in our school, such as band competitions, Close-Up trips and differing school schedules that revolve around spring/Easter vacation where students may have planned vacations with their families. So far this spring we have had four baseball/softball events rescheduled due to weather and six events reschedule due to other school events that may be scheduled at either of the participating schools.

For our track participants we have much less control over the rescheduling of events. The host school may choose not to reschedule missed track meets, while others look at their home school schedules and move the event to a date that will fit their team schedule, and we are left to either decide to attend or not attend due to our own track schedule and events that we have here at school. The spring sports schedule has a mind of its own and we are at the mercy of the weather and school events as to when we can and cannot play.

(Editor's Note: Jon Kotaska is the Activities Director for New York Mills. He can be contacted at